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New art style??
Ok, so i am making a new art style because, dear lord, you do NOT want to know the drama....SO YE!
OC: S.T Expectation vs. Reality
S.T is very...negative? he is kinda an...odd character. he is a ghost so hes gonna have weird quirks, but his general personality is kinda weird. hes very sarcastic and negative but at the same time hes really nice and kinda sensitive. And this just goes to prove, even my own characters confuse me the way I get confused by real people.Llama Emoji-38 (Confused) [V2] 
yes, I have updated her, AGAIN.

Name: Wild Card

Mental Age (In Earth Terms): 17

Allegiance: Decepticon

Alternate Mode: F-14 TomCat

Armor colors: Gray and gray blue. 

Personality: Sassy, Wild, cocky, Sensitive, funny, easygoing.

Weapons: Bombs and guns. rarely uses blades unless 100% necessary.  

Abilities: she is skilled in combat and science. She could also be classified as a medic but prefers not to unless Knock Out needs assistance.  

Color of optics: Pink/red.

Universe most used within: Transformers Prime.

Sparkmate: none (but kinda crushes on Starscream).

Sexuality: Straight.

Background: Wild Crd was made in a factory on Cybertron, shortly before the war. They made bots like her, to be assistants to the higher power. Somehow, she ended up being Starscreams assistant. He found her useful in many ways, and she was good company, and best of all, she was quite obedient and rarely talked back in a foul manner. As time passed, she grew a personality that was more than her normal quiet manner. she slowly became more talkative and grew a liking for certain things. she also developed an opinion on the bots around her. She became friends with Knockout and Breakdown, and started to....not like Megatron very much, for many reasons. Starscream at first, didnt like her change, since she started to talk back, and throw cocky remarks, but over time her found it amusing. she started to study science and combat as a past time. she would make her own bombs and weapons, and help out in smaller missions. she then became skilled in her hobbies and she started going on bigger and bigger missions, and making groundbreaking experiments. With her newfound talents, she decided to put it all towards the decepticons. on her spare time, she would make better weapons for the vehicons, and she would go on missions with Starscream. she was finally a full part of the team, and she loved it. though, it was a handful, and the vehicons would occasionally flirt with her (Motherf**kers...), she loved the team.

Likes: Weapons, fighting, puns, joking around.

dislikes: people touching her experiments and weapons, Autobots, arachnid.

Friends: Knockout, breakdown, Starscream, ST3V3 (:3)

Enemies: Arachnid, Megatron (sorta..), Autobots, some vehicons.

strength: Her speed and intelligence.

Weakness: Her sensitivity and her recklessness.




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Alien Potato Child
Artist | Varied
Im a normal, nerdy girl who loves drawing. and i may or may not have became addicted to Alien robots known as Transformers.


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